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Real estate abroad in Spain: Find your dream property

Foreign property in Spain – you just come back from vacation and ask yourself why you actually live in Germany, if in the south is generally much better weather? If you think about it longer, you come to mind to invest in a foreign property to have the opportunity to fly more often to the […]

Separation year: alimony, form, new partners – How does the separation year work?

Separation year – in every marriage there are crises. However, if these are insurmountable, it often comes to separation and the desire for divorce. However, before this can be made legally binding, the couple must go through a separation year. But why is this separation year needed at all and how does the divorce proceed […]

Partition of land in comparison

Division of land – In the division of land, a distinction is made between real and ideal division. In the case of the real division of land, a plot of land is actually divided into several plots, each of which is recorded separately in the land register. The reasons for a real division of a […]