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Fireplace & stove: models, price, decoration, heating – Modern living

A fireplace provides relaxation, a sense of well-being and warmth. Therefore, it is not surprising that fireplaces and other stoves are at the top of the wish list of builders, because heating with wood is popular. Especially on cold days there is nothing better than to snuggle up in front of a crackling fireplace bursting […]

Preparatory power of attorney of the buyer

Construction preparation power of attorney – The construction preparation power of attorney is the authorization that the seller transfers to the buyer to be able to start with preparatory work. The scope of the power of attorney should be described exactly and the risks for the buyer should be clearly delimited. As a rule, the […]

Make your balcony and terrace fit for summer – decoration ideas, design trends and much more

Balcony & Terrace: Decoration Ideas – Summer is just around the corner and spring cleaning begins in the city as well. Whether it’s the terraces in the suburbs or balconies in the city centre, everything needs to be spruced up and ready for summer. Whether new plants, new furniture or a complete redesign, the outdoor […]