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Partial sale real estate private: house, apartment and land

Partial sale property, private – Is it possible to sell parts of a house? Yes. The private partial sale of a property is of course possible. With the partial sale of a property, you are no longer the sole owner, but become a part owner, in a two-party community of owners. Learn here the first […]

Inherit properly: What to consider when inheriting and bequeathing

Inherit correctly – The inheritance law proves again and again as extremely complex topic structure, which is connected by many concerning with large uncertainties and ignorance. If the topic of inheritance becomes acute, it is therefore always advisable to turn to experts such as notaries, tax consultants, estate agents and lawyers. Nevertheless, it makes sense […]

Berliner Testament: German Inheritance Law Explained, Amount for Children, Partner + More

Joint Will – In Germany, the Berlin Testament decides on the legal portion of heir. It is an important issue for disinherited relatives, as they still have certain rights to the inheritance. In order to claim this correctly and to fulfill the formalities, however, some things have to be considered. The share always depends on […]

Buy a cat – the right cat for your life situation

Buy a cat – Cats are very elegant, beautiful but also stubborn animals. They are more independent than dogs, but still integrate into the family. Cuddling or playing cats love and are therefore perfect as a pet. A cat as a pet – these breed differences exist Who would like to have a cat as […]