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Tegernsee: The most expensive streets – Bad Wiessee, Gmund, Rottach-Egern

Tegernsee – Who thinks the most expensive streets can only be found in the big cities or islands of Germany, is wrong. Next to the Starnberger See, the communities around the Tegernsee belong to the most expensive places to live in Germany, here many strive for a holiday home or their own villa to enjoy […]

Sylt: The most expensive streets – Hobokenweg, Heideweg, price per square metre

Sylt – Sylt is and remains an island of superlatives. And that in many respects. The proximity to the North Sea and the untouched nature make the clocks tick differently here. While it draws in the summer a multiplicity at European holiday-makers from the mainland, who drive themselves in the warm months in their holiday […]

Berlin rent cap overturned! Constitutional Court ends experiment – retroactive rent payment threatens

Berlin rent cap – The Berlin rent cap is illegal and thus inadmissible! This was decided by the Federal Constitutional Court in April. While some housing companies did not increase their rents back to the old level despite the end of the rent cap, many landlords now demand repayments and put the rents back up. […]