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Crypto Trading: Buy, Invest & Trade Cryptocurrency

Crypto Trading – Make Fast Money with Cryptocurrencies! The world is not that simple! Or is it? With the important trading strategies, can be achieved with cryptocurrencies, as strong returns, as with shares, of course, with higher risk. But how does crypto trading work? Are there differences in trading and risk? Stocks are more speculative […]

Leverage Effect (Leverage): X2, X5, X10 – leverage effect explained for shares, currency & co.

Many people give you an extremely complicated answer to the question, what is a leverage effect? However, the leverage effect is simply explained. When buying stocks, cryptocurrency, currencies and many other financial products, traders rely on their own strategies in trading financial products. In the end, it’s always a bet based on information such as […]

2nd Collection SOLD!

Yipyayoh Pigback! The second collection of canvases is also out of stock! #SOLDOUT!