Los Angeles: Apartment, House and Investment

Buying luxury real estate in Los Angeles requires very precise knowledge of the market and an experienced real estate agent who understands his craft, with good and extensive local contacts. An apartment in Los Angeles as a capital investment? Especially in times of low interest rates it is worthwhile to invest in a good property. From 65-110 sqm condominiums to private property with up to 2,200 sqm of land. We track down the properties that offer the greatest return and the greatest possible luxury and comfort. As a metropolis, Los Angeles offers the lifestyle that thousands of new LA residents seek each year. The housing market is therefore highly competitive, especially in the most popular districts such as Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills and of course downtown, right in the heart of the city.

Buying Property in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a massive city, spanning multiple counties. It’s near impossible to decide where to live. Generally, there are those that want to live in the famous residential areas of Bel-Air or Beverly Hills, there are also people who want the tumult of downtown LA, or younger people, and those looking for a more comfortable atmosphere will head to e.g. Silver Lake or Mid City. In general, for Los Angeles, it’s a good choice to rent, as opposed to buy. With purchases prices being comparatively high.

Los Angeles: Buy Apartment

There are unique rules to buying an apartment in Los Angeles. Just like anywhere else, local regulations make a purchase of an apartment here, different than the purchase of an apartment elsewhere.

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Taxes Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles’ property taxes are part of California’s unique system. For good investments in property in L.A. you must plan ahead and understand property taxes in the California’s counties. Buying a house in Los Angeles County means different tax structures than in Orange County. In this article you’ll find all the most important details and facts about California property taxes, how to pay these taxes, what is taxed, and even what property tax is. Included is a list of California counties, with the most expensive counties for real estate in California highlighted.