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Sell apartment against life annuity: Right of residence for life

Selling your apartment for an annuity – The annuity gives you financial stability without having to give up your home. This is especially important as there are many people who value their home and independence and prefer to live independently for as long as possible. When deciding whether to sell an annuity or an entire […]

Does a partial sale of the property make sense? Advantages & requirements

Does a partial sale of your real estate make sense? The partial sale of real estate is a way to liquidate your own real estate assets and thus create financial leeway. If you would like to have an additional financial cushion in old age without having to move out of your home, the partial sale […]

Macro, meso, micro layer: explanation, definition & difference

Macro, meso, micro location – So you want to invest in a property and are aware of your goals? Whether real estate for personal use, as investment or yield real estate – the location is always decisive. Do you now know in which city you will move, it also depends on the neighborhood, as well […]