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Cologne: Apartment, House and Investment

Cologne stands like no other city in Germany for media, TV and press. This is why the metropolis on the Rhine is constantly growing. Südstadt, Altstadt, Ringe, Ehrenfeld or Sülz, where is the best place to live? Anyone moving to Cologne or looking for property of stable value needs a good consultant. It’s all about researching properties with suitable parameters from plot to building fabric. Then it goes on with viewings, negotiations and, of course, everything about the purchase contract and estate agent. For your own yield or to live in the property yourself, Cologne is like Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, especially interesting in its increase in value for existing properties but also for new buildings.

Cologne Real Estate Prices

The media metropolis on the Rhine has over 1 million inhabitants and is one of the pivotal points in NRW and Germany. With proximity to Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and not far from Paris and Hamburg, Cologne is attractive. So attractive, in fact, that it now ranks second in the recommendations for capital investments in real estate, as you will see later in our evaluation. Here we give you the best tips for renting and buying in Cologne: building land, land, condominiums and apartment buildings. Here you will find current prices, costs for new construction, rental costs, and much more.

Real Estate Market in Cologne

The real estate market is thriving, and experts believe it to continue doing so, with a steady population growth ensuring high demand throughout the city. Prices to buy property increased in the past years, and are expected to increase steadily. For single-family homes, and multi-family houses,  prices have increased slightly, with condominiums being the biggest winners. Looking into the rental sector shows a steady and strong increase for rental prices for all types of properties, especially strong for the many new construction properties. The most expensive parts of the city for homes include Lindenthal, Rodenkirchen, and Hahnwald, while the inner city with the Old City (Altstadt) boasts many expensive apartments.

German Real Estate Info

If you’re looking into buying real estate in Germany, there’s some details you have to know about. Germany has substantially different laws relating to real estate than other countries.  Therefore, to know where to save, what to look for, and the nitty gritty details, you have to get specific information. You should know about things like the Immobilien GmbH and Grunderwerbsteuer and German real estate taxes.

Buying a House in Germany – Additional Costs

What additional costs can you expect buying a hosue in Germany? It can be maddening trying to understand the German real estate laws and regulations. Below we explain the most important additional costs, and hidden fees which you may not know about. This short how-to guide should let you know a lot about what to consider when buying a house in Germany. Low interest, mad loan offers and irresistible purchase prices entice and the seducive dream of home ownership can become reality. However, most people do not deal enough with the subject and forget about the additional costs that buyers and sellers expect in a purchase contract. Which additional costs arise with the purchase of a condominium?