In the field of real estate, there are many widely branched and divided into several levels of law, which are covered by experts. Good recommendations for real estate attorneys exist in every city. Why it is so important to have experienced counsel on your side when it comes to project development and management, a quick, initial look at each of the complex areas of law will show: Construction Law, Architectural Law, Landlord and Tenant Law, Residential Property Law, and more.

Lawyer for real estate, construction law, tenants and landlords

Tenant and landlord – if there is a dispute between landlord and tenant, in some cases legal counsel must be called in. It is precisely for these cases that you need a good real estate lawyer who is familiar with the subject matter. From missed rent payments to rent increases due to the apportionment of modernisation costs. Good advice is worth a lot! But not only for tenants and landlords, also in the construction and home remodeling disputes arise.

Building law – if you want to build your planned new building or make changes to the apartment building, for example by adding a storey to the roof truss, you need a large number of permits and have to fill out many applications and provide expert opinions. What is the best strategic approach? A good real estate lawyer can provide advice and assistance.


If you want to hire a specialist lawyer as an expert for your own legal advice, you first need to know which areas of law are covered by the respective law firm. There are numerous lawyers in Berlin. In this article we provide you with an overview of the Best Lawyers in Berlin.


Anyone who builds in Munich, should take an experienced lawyer to the side to secure in every area. Especially lawyers in the field of real estate are very much in demand.


The Hanseatic City of Hamburg offers some competent lawyers for real estate law. If you are looking for one of the best, we have listed some for you here.

Frankfurt am Main

A specialist real estate lawyer is an expert in legal matters relating to house, flat, land and property. Such a lawyer can provide advice and assistance with any questions or legal disputes in the field of real estate. Recommended lawyers in the Frankfurt area can be found below.


Also in Cologne real estate is very much in demand, a good lawyer can not be avoided here. In the next article we have summarized the best lawyers.


Anyone who needs help or has a real estate dispute can seek the help of a real estate attorney. This person can not only help with questions, but also act as a representative in the event of a legal dispute. You can find competent lawyers in the Mainz area here.


Real estate law is not a precisely defined term, but an established name for the main areas of law dealing with the purchase, sale and management of immovable tangible assets. The first relevant area is the area of land law. The ownership of land and property are described here in law. This includes the purchase, sale and management of land and everything on it or under it.