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No-person GmbH – inheritance, donation, termination & other causes

No-Person GmbH – The model for a GmbH without shareholders! By appointing new shareholders or leaving existing shareholders, the limited company model you choose can easily change. Whether it’s a one-person company, a two-person limited company or even a company that operates without shareholders at all…. In either case, there are specifics you should be […]

Limited liability company (GmbH) – formation, liability, legal form, management, taxes

Limited Liability Company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, GmbH) – The limited liability company is a German legal form that is founded by at least one person and managed by at least one shareholder. As the name already indicates, this corporate legal form is characterized by a limitation of liability for its shareholder(s). The GmbH is […]

New York Property Taxes – Buying Real Estate Explained, List of Counties

USA – How to for New York property taxes. We explain everything you need to know about New York and New York City property taxes. What is New York City’s proeprty tax? From tax rates, mills and millage rates, this easy to understand guide will explain everything about the most important facts about property tax. […]

California Property Taxes – Real Estate Taxes Explained, List of Counties

California Real Estate – Investing in Californian real estate means understanding its taxation. For good investments in property in L.A., San Francisco, or San Diego, you must plan ahead and understand property taxes in the California’s counties. Buying a house in Los Angeles County means different tax structures than in Orange County. In this article […]

Mortgage Tax – Everything to know Explained, Tips, How-to, More

USA – There are a few important taxes to be aware of before purchasing a home. Also called mortgage registry tax, mortgage recording tax, or documentary stamp tax, this tax is one of these sneaky fees. A realtor is often charged with taking these taxes into consideration, yet it is vital that every homebuyer is […]

Building Savings Explained: Building Savings Contract, Definition, Comparison, Contracts + Costs

The decision to save for a building loan is a long-term and well thought-out consideration. Besides comparing different tariffs and building savings, there are other things to consider. A building saving contract usually aims for a smaller sum and is only intended to supplement the actual real estate financing. You can find out everything you […]