Top25 – The richest people worldwide by wealth

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Bernard Arnault, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, together the top 25 richest people own 1 trillion US dollars in private assets. Number 1 Jeff Bezos alone has an incredible 129.9 billion US dollars. What drove Jeff Bezos to make the largest online retailer in the world? How did Warren Buffett become […]

Buy an apartment: Ranking – 10 most expensive cities in Germany

Buying a condominium – Where is the square meter most expensive? With 8,993 euros and an increase of +48.8% in only 4 years, Munich is right at the top. Closely followed by Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Potsdam, Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. We have evaluated the current data for you and show you here the top 10 most […]

Rent an apartment: Ranking – 10 most expensive cities in Germany

Rent an apartment – We have the latest figures! Which city is the most expensive? Rental prices are rising in all cities, especially in the most popular Munich (17.50 euros/m²), Hamburg (12.12 euros/m²), Frankfurt (14.48 euros/m²), Stuttgart and Düsseldorf. We have the cities with the highest rents for apartments in Germany in euros per square […]

The Content Book – Writing Good SEO Texts

Writing good SEO texts needs to be learned. Therefore there is now the new book from my SEO Collection, “The Content Book”. Search engine optimization has changed many marketing processes. People today can reach each other globally, within seconds and by pressing a few buttons. Knowing the right tips and tricks, especially from everyday agency […]