House sale: Successfully selling your own house in Stallendorf

The child, husband or wife, family or siblings after the accepted inheritance, when your own house must be sold, many details, from condominium to luxury loft, must be considered. Having your own roof over your head at all times. The beloved home for the children and the entire family. When selling a house, always leave yourself enough research time when making your decision if you are selling your house in a top location soon. Whatever the reasons seem to be for the planned house sale, don’t rush into it at first, whether it’s age reasons, a fresh relationship or a change of scenery. The personal sales goal or goals should be already before in honest consultation with Immo brokers, appraisers and handicraft companies, inform you therefore before in detail with experts in the house building and – sales, apart from the archiving of all vouchers, calculations and also the documents ideally as originals.

Occasionally I am also asked: Can I improve the price of my own property? So that you can increase the price of your house or condominium in the short term, it is worthwhile in the vast majority of cases, before the sale, value a little work and time to put into your own property. Dare information but also pressure are the reason for possible losses. Therefore, collect all important parameters so that you can offer your property at a high price for as much reach and as many interested parties in your online advertisement. With our acquired knowledge and experience in the provision of homes to business properties, planning and implementation of new residential properties, I want to give you here on our real estate portal an overview of what points you should consider in the planning process for the sale in Stallendorf in any case.

A targeted planning and organization of the house sale costs time and some work

  • Private sale or better with a renowned broker?
  • What real estate price could you advertise in the listing?
  • Just in private, what tricks and tips can I use to get a better price?
  • Forms and authorities: Do you already have all the relevant documents?

Hausverkauf mit Makler

Selling your houses: Practical help in key points from the real estate professional – Checklist

  • Neat condition, accordingly you must also pay attention to the many little things (cellar, staircase, house entrance, etc.)
  • Meaningful image material for photo views and sales platforms
  • Find out the highlights of the house
  • All received receipts, invoices and also documents to the home or the condominium protected and well stored secure for the house sale in Stallendorf
  • Always start with a reasonable price for your home in the situation on the market

Questions and answers from real estate sellers that are frequently sent to us

With us you will find answers to the most important questions about the profit-optimized sale of a property.

What exact, key factors should I consider for a sustainable stable sales price calculation for my home?

In advance, the calculation of a property value is crucial for success in real estate sales, in all districts. For each acceptable real estate evaluation accordingly much must be considered, still before it goes into the sales phase, like for example situation of the house (not too far away parking bay for car and withdrawn neighbours or nevertheless alternative road), condition of the real estate you feel overwhelmed by all these many key points so completely alone? Then contact us, together we will find out the value.

Documents and records: Official applications and forms you need to keep?

For this purpose, a distinction is made between different types of real estate, such as land and condominium, and different documents are required in each case, such as an excerpt from the land register, liens on real property, construction drawings, site plan and energy performance certificate, etc.

What is the best way to prepare for the visits?

Whether you prefer to sell the property on your own or whether you pass on the active brokerage to a well-known real estate agent, all important documents such as instructions for technical installations and service charge statements must always be compiled.

Repair: What about obvious and hidden defects in your house, can these also be concealed?

Any potential buyer of the house must be informed of all defects that have already been discovered, so it is clear that nothing may be omitted by the seller. The law calls fraudulent misrepresentation the concealment of real damage to the fabric of the building with full knowledge. In the end, someone has to pay for the damage, you as the owner who had knowledge of the condition. You, as the seller of the property, must pay to repair the pre-existing damage. In case of emergency, your buyer can even reverse the entire previously made purchase agreement to the property. They may not undertake in any case the attempt actual lack not to mention, on which you must refer alone already by right, naturally also around itself and possibly also additionally closest family members before subsequent profit declines to secure. Such procedures otherwise have later a judicial repercussion and thus become really expensive and time-consuming.


Energy certificate for sale – How do you get an official energy certificate for your property or residential unit?

The energy certificate as a document reveals what can prove for an energetic condition of your house, this happens under the regulations of the so-called Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). The presentation to the prospective buyer is mandatory for the stress-free private sale of an inherited house to consider. You can apply for the energy certificate e.g. energy consultant near Stallendorf.

Energieausweis für den Verkauf

In order not to experience any spontaneous, unwanted surprises after the house sale, you should in any case ensure for the future regular payment flow that the buyer of your house also gets the negotiated credit line of his house bank. The sellers usually take care of the appointment for the sale. Your appointment is arranged, all fixed and agreed payment conditions as well as energy certificate or defects are now written in a draft of the sales contract by the booked notary according to current specifications. . Subsequently parties a draft. Legally signed, after re-reading the contract is then at your local notary or in a neighboring city.

Which direct costs for land charge, notary and real estate agent in Stallendorf come in any case on you with the real estate trade?

You may need to have any old registered land charges removed and pay for them.

After land charge and notary depending upon situation still the cost sharing for floor plans as well as appraisals result, is however from the object.

Are pending brokerage commissions paid by the seller or buyer?

Whether the seller or the buyer bears the expenses of the commission claims of the commissioned real estate agent is not firmly regulated, so as a house seller you are free to determine the respective amount. The commission share for your real estate agent could also be halved, if you so wish, between seller and buyer. Almost always, your buyer pays for the agreed commission.

What is the approximate amount of a commission? What are the costs for the house broker?

Almost always, your realtor’s commission will be 5.0 percent of the home price plus sales tax.

Real estate transfer tax, financing, energy certificate- Real estate sale

Stallendorf is one of the larger cities in Hesse with a population of 21,388.

  1. Arrange a start date with your estate agent for the professional valuation of your house or empty condominium.
  2. Receipts, invoices and also the documents: Important for sale and property valuation
  3. The realistic asking price for the house
  4. Have an exposé designed for a vacant property
  5. Accepting enquiries
  6. Arrange and carry out viewing appointments for interested parties
  7. Wealth check: having the creditworthiness of the person interested in your property confirmed
  8. The visit to the notary and conclusion of the final purchase contract
  9. After the entry in the land register, respectively the priority notice of conveyance, the negotiated price of your property will be paid immediately.
  10. Payment of notary appointment and estate agent claims
  11. Voila! You have done everything: pay land transfer tax

Local innovation and real estate ownership in Stallendorf

The Guide to Satisfied Renters to Home Ownership in Stallendorf. Stallendorf currently has thousands of residents living and working in Stallendorf, from center to last house on 78.29 KM². Apartments and affordable housing are in demand with citizens per square kilometer.

Housing demand and statistical new construction

The Federal Statistical Office needed this year values, purely statistically people live in houses, like the owner-occupied house, terraced houses and multi-family houses, which is fortunately in the own possession, in addition tenants come, according to calculation of the study of the LBS Research should be in the entire stable village houses and apartments currently people in marriage resident and are single people. The stint of new houses as well as flats has increased. How do current studies evaluate the housing shortage trend? Half of the new surveys assume new homes by 2020, still a good third by then , only 17% come up with the need for new homes. What amount of units are actually being built according to statistics? Annually only about new units are completed in stable village, invested whole billions of euros.

the owners are registering stable village

At the same time the Stallendorfer are happy with the housing situationSo like whole owners, who appreciate just this excellent neighbourhood and location, dissatisfied are against it only , the same positive picture is found also with tenants, with gladly locally living inhabitants. Most of the inhabitants live in houses for one family, not in flats. In houses for one family live Stallendorfer, in houses with several families live and people in two-family houses, so lives Stallendorf.

Real estate planning – future and age groups

Stallendorf has many young residents, such as babies under year, children from 1 to 5 years, but also many older citizens, such as persons over 65 years. Growth trends can also be found in the population development: Stallendorf’s number of residents is permanently increasing, from just over 4 years ago 21,209 citizens, the number of residents increased by 179 people to a statistical 21,567, the forecast continues, let’s now take a focused look at the forecasts for the housing market in the following fifteen years.

Billions of euros of capital are currently invested in Stallendorf real estate

Unbelievable Euro cash assets slumber, according to statistical data bases of the German Federal Bank on Stallendorfer bank accounts and under the pillows, much more, namely billions of Euro are invested in real estate business and only millions of Euro exist as use assets. The total amount of transactions from sales and purchases, lies in Stallendorf at present with, statistically seen euro, in the new building of dwellings extrapolated whole billion euro are moved, whole euro are invested at present annually into the modernization. All in all, the real estate sector cumulatively generates almost unimaginable billions of euros annually.

Owners of real estate in Stallendorf by age in Stallendorf

In the possession of real estate life is clearly easier, thereby Stallendorf has owners of real estate in old and young. we look at a few values, according to Germany-wide statistics (empirica) live now toddlers from 0-10 years in real estate, then it becomes already a few more, possibly because the toddler phase associated with little compensation is over and at least one parent then again more involved in the profession are, with 11 to 21 years living in a home of one’s own. after that the curve breaks almost already, with the 21 to 30 year olds, statistically live in their own property. The ratio rises, the older the Stallendorfer become, so it rises with the 31 to 40 year olds already again and something above, with the current 41-50 year olds create it on proud real estate owners, in the group of 51-60 years live in their own four walls. With the 61 to 70 year olds one comes still on , many sell and so it is only residents.

Stallendorf’s demographic development in the real estate market

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership in Stallendorf (age) Amount

empirica / LBS Research (source)


Surrounding Area

Households (persons) today 2035 Growth

Data source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Difference
more than 5

Data source: Federal Statistical Office