House sale from A-Z: The 8+ most important tips for Butzbach

Whether divorce, inheritance or professional reasons, should you speculate on the sale of a house, then you should approach the planning calmly and in parallel also think about the long-term life planning, for your family and yourself. For most in Butzbach, a house is more than just a long-term capital investment for the future, your own house is something special that is entangled with personal emotions and memories (like the children’s graduation) and therefore has a personal value. That’s why you take research time on offers with your decision. Whether it’s a fresh relationship, a new job, or increasing age – don’t rush into anything, regardless of the reasons for your home sale! Your personal sales goal should be defined in advance in consultation with the bank, appraisers and real estate agents. Therefore, inform yourself in detail with experts before preparing your exposé and advertisement. In order to increase the property value, it is worthwhile in the majority of transactions, in advance, to put some work and time into the own property. Misinformation but also time pressure are the reason for possible financial losses, therefore consider all important parameters to be able to sell your house at the highest possible price, which can always be avoided or even completely prevented by precise preparation for the sales process. To save you effort and so that you have to research a little less in reference books and of course for the best possible sales conclusion, I have written our free paper for the sale of houses.

Planning times and organization: The house sale

  • How high can I set the selling price for my house in a relatively good location for a successful sale?
  • Tricks and insider tips: How do I create a better price?
  • Do we sell better with professional reputable real estate agents or can we do it privately?

Haus verkaufen mit Immobilienmakler

Tips and important steps for the private sale of houses

  • Photo, Video and Expose – Staged rooms with a feel-good ambience
  • Highlight highlights of the house
  • An impeccable condition, pay attention to little things like sockets, light bulbs, etc., increase the value of the property to be calculated.
  • You should calculate with a realistic price for your house

The central questions & answers

Several times a week we receive many e-mails, as well as in conversations at viewing appointments we reach many inquiries. Collected over days and weeks and clearly packed, you can see here all the basic questions on the subject of selling a property.

How do you start the property value calculation?

In the housing market, realistic value of your home is clearly at the top of your to-do list. For the real estate evaluation must be considered accordingly so some, like real estate situation (little limited view on city center and is the situation shady/sunny), hospitals, kindergartens, etc. nearby you are a little bit overwhelmed without expertise of the broker? Contact us to find out the value of your property.

Applications and Forms: What kind of documents are needed in all circumstances for the house sale?

Cash can only be made when all the crucial documents are together. Extensive, complex, real estate sales are stressful and also exhausting, I help you to always keep track.

What exactly do I need for the upcoming buyers and viewings in your four walls?

Regardless of whether you later prefer the independent sales process or whether you then pass on the active mediation to a real estate expert, the most relevant papers on the house must always be arranged, such as transcripts of the owners’ meetings and house money statement.

Are obvious and hidden object defects in your home also not allowed to be mentioned?

All of the defects you know about must be conveyed to the potential buyer of the home when selling the property. Nothing may be omitted by the seller during the sale – fairness. If you conceal actual and serious places of damage in full knowledge and also deliberately conceal, the deceived. The seller must pay for the repair of the defect. In the case presented, the buyer can even reverse the entire previously made purchase contract to the object.

Means, already from the legal side you must point out the potential buyer of the house to any defects and damages, even with possible trifles such as locks, door handles shutters, etc., never get carried away damage and defects to cover up, of course also around itself and if necessary also family before subsequent profit losses can secure. Such methods have with security announcements before the district court with itself bring and can by the many time and the specialist lawyers in Butzbach high subsequent, not wanted demands cause.

Is an energy certificate mandatory when selling real estate in Butzbach?

Who wants to find out more figures about the energetic condition of a property before the upcoming purchase or sale is lucky, because you can always find the important information structured energy certificate. The presentation of the energy certificate to your prospective buyer is to be considered for the sale of your house in any case. Penalties go thereby up to 15 thousand euro with Nichtinhaltung. For a fee, you can obtain the said energy certificate from a renowned energy consultant in Butzbach, for example.

Buyer located: What steps follow?

Before everything is notarised at the notary’s office in Butzbach, it is important to ensure under all circumstances that the financing required for the purchase has been confirmed by the buyer’s bank, so that most of the unpleasant surprises after the notary’s appointment can be largely ruled out. Subsequently, the details of the purchase contract are negotiated. For example inventory which is taken over by the buyer and the clear clarification of the development condition, are dues or urban fees openly uä. Then after the handshake to the sale it is you it as a seller, you arrange usually the appointment with the notary for both sides. All fixed and agreed payment conditions but also description of the defects are promptly written in a preliminary draft of the purchase contract by the booked notary, subsequently both parties, seller and buyer, receive a copy. At the notary appointment, this is reproduced again and with the signature of all present legally binding and the sale is done.

What immediate expenses will you incur under any circumstances when selling a property?

As a rule, the seller bears the notary and land registry costs incurred.

Otherwise, there may be costs for construction drawings, expert opinions and papers that have to be newly obtained, depending on the completeness of the documents.

Does the buyer or seller pay the brokerage commission for the dedicated broker?

Whether buyer or seller bears the incurred expenses of the commission of the commissioned broker is not really regulated, as a seller you can define about the division itself. So whoever wants to can be accommodating. The commission could be halved among the negotiating partners.

Demographic findings and the housing market in Butzbach: costs and structures

Estimates of housing demand and new construction to billions of euros of capital are currently invested in Butzbach houses and apartments. In Butzbach’s city center and surrounding area currently live and work 25 866 citizens, from north to south on 106.6 square kilometers. Housing estates, flats are in demand with citizens per square kilometre. If you turn over the numbers, % of the Germans are registered in Butzbach.

Housing demand and new construction in the future

As you can currently read in the latest survey of the Federal Statistical Office out, residents live in a house, such as the owner-occupied home, terraced houses and apartment buildings, which is owned. In addition, residents live in a rented apartment, only live communally in a shared apartment. Of all residents are married as well as single. The stint of new construction for the residents has grown, also in Butzbach. How do current studies assess this trend towards a housing shortage? The need for new housing is high, so the most recent studies assume new units about 17% see only new apartments in demand and a good third expects Butzbach apartments, currently statistically only new housing units are built in Butzbach, invested whole billions of euros.

Tenants and owners like living in their neighbourhood

At the same time, people in Butzbach are mostly absolutely satisfiedin their neighborhood. Of all property owners, it is satisfied people who just like this excellent location and neighborhood, with the housing situation are dissatisfied only , even with tenants you can feel the positive feeling with people who like to live here. Did you know? The quantity of the inhabitants lives in single-family houses, not in an apartment. In single-family houses live Butzbacher, in houses with several families live and persons in two-family houses, so lives Butzbach.

This is how Butzbach is developing: Today and tomorrow

Butzbach has some young fellow citizens, for example teenagers from 18 to 20 years but also many older fellow citizens, such as people between over 65 years, what do the next few years bring in terms of development? Butzbach is constantly increasing, from 25,649 people 4 years ago, the number of residents grew by calculated 217 people to now statistical 26,082. The trend continues, because already in four years about 26,721 citizens will live here. Now let’s move on to the calculations for the next 20 years.

Sales and purchases generate volumes of Euro each year

Stately billions of euros in constantly accessible assets currently in savings accounts or under the mattresses. Even greater financial resources, whole euros are deposited in real estate and only millions of euros exist as utility assets, would you have known? Statistically, through real estate transactions annually large capital gains are moved, the forecast goes up to euros, in the construction of apartments are transferred at the same time projected up to euros, up to billions of euros are invested annually here in the modernization, in total, the market for real estate transfers amazing euros every 12 months.

Property owner

How many people live without having to transfer rent? Property owners exist in all age groups Let’s take a quick look at two examples. According to Germany-wide survey by empirica, children from 0 – 10 years live today in condominiums or houses owned by their parents, in increasing age, there are a few more, possibly due to created toddler phase and the consequent fact that parents are working on their own career in the company, from 11 to 21 years live in the property of parents. then comes a kink, with 21 to 30 years, they travel and are often looking for new challenges Germany-wide, only live of them in their own property. The proportion increases the older one becomes. So it rises with the 31-40 year olds and a little above, with the 41 to 50 year olds whole satisfied property owners, between 51-60 years Butzbacher live in their own four walls, in the range of 61 – 70 year old residents are this year , many sell or give in the family and so the number drops to from a total of 0.03 million residents.

Statistical data and information for Butzbach

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership (age) Quantity

empirica / LBS Research (data source)


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Change
over 5

Statistical source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Change

Source: Federal Statistical Office