Learn Currency Trading: Experience, Tax & Example for Forex Trading / FOREX

Learn currency trading – First: Learn! ETFs are speculative, stocks are more speculative, currency trading is to stay with it all the time. Financial news, price development. For beginners, this means building understanding step by step. What is it about? The foreign exchange market (currency market), or Forex (FX) for short, is a decentralized marketplace […]

Stocks, ETF, Forex, Cryptocurrency, Social Trading: My Experience and Mistakes!

Stocks, ETF, Forex, Cryptocurrency, Social Trading – Here’s a little list with a few learnings that cost me money but are so simple you should know them! You want to buy stocks, index funds, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, foreign exchange (currencies)? You’re thinking whether house bank, direct bank, online broker or app? Trading all […]

Buy stocks: Direct bank, share deposit, online broker + costs example

Buy shares – shares, especially real estate shares, are an alternative to the capital investment real estate. If you have never bought a share or a security, we have the most important tips for you today. How to proceed step by step when buying a share? The most important thing is to get acquainted with […]

Financial Planning: Capital and Financing – Becoming Self-Employed Part 18

How long does a financial plan actually have to be? As a rule, banks and investors expect you to provide financial planning for the next 3 years. In individual cases, however, founders also plan for 5 years. However, as already mentioned, the rule is financial planning for 3 years. Financial planning: Foresighted to 3 years […]

Cooperation and the Principle of Cooperation – Becoming Self-Employed Part 17

The principle of cooperation is clear, it is always a win-win situation. Through a precise formulation of the goals, later successes can be accurately evaluated. If both sides benefit, the cooperation has worked well. The big advantage, as described above, is that the costs of cooperation are relatively low, since companies use existing structures, e.g. […]

Marketing: Sales Talk, Telephone Talk and Psychology – Starting your own Business Part 13

Sales calls require a lot of skills, abilities and knowledge. The sales talk usually results in a mix of communication, psychology and, of course, elements such as facial expressions, gestures and strategies such as mirroring. leading and conducting sales calls In a sales conversation, you not only have the advantage of being able to advertise […]

Marketing: Trade fairs, training courses and commercial advertising – becoming self-employed Part 12

Trade fairs and presentations, as well as media advertising on TV, are associated with relatively high costs. Those who can afford stands at trade fairs either have a large investment or their business is running like clockwork. Congratulations. Because trade fairs and all other forms of conferences and congresses are always associated with high costs […]

Advertising: Google Ads, SEO, newspaper, radio? – Starting your own business Part 10

Advertising makes brands known! The quote from Henry Ford fits perfectly here again, “with every dollar you put into your product, you have to have another one ready to make the product known”. Advertising and marketing is the central means to generate buyers. More reach, new customers, more sales, more investment. The classic path of […]

Marketing Concept: Sales, Pricing Strategy and Advertising – Becoming Self-Employed Part 9

Now comes the biggest construction site in the business plan, the marketing concept. Marketing is all about packaging the product ideally for the customer and the current market. The needs of the customer and use the product are clearly in the foreground. So that your potential customers are interested in finding out more when addressing […]

Choice of location, price per square metre and coworking tips – Starting your own business Part 8

You can’t be Digital Nomad forever. At some point, you’ll hire your first employees. Those who start directly with their own offices, warehouse or shop space must of course immediately decide on a location. Finding the right property for your business premises will take a lot of time. From viewing various real estate advertisements to […]

Increase customer satisfaction: New customers and regular customers – Starting your own business

Increase customer satisfaction – How can you satisfy your customers with the product? How can you also make them happy through subsequent services so that they become returning buyers and/or users? Increase customer satisfaction: New and regular customers Here you can basically distinguish between two areas, the creation of services and the creation of products. […]

Product / Service: USP and unique selling proposition – becoming self-employed Part 3

Product / Service: USP and unique selling point – From the founder / founding team you are now coming to the actual products. Your next considerations will be entirely about your product or service. Here you answer above all the question about the USP, the Unique Selling Proposition, the unique selling point that makes your […]