Ticket pre-sale: WebvideoCon 2015 – The Video Marketing Conference

On 24.03.2015 the WebvideoCon 2015 takes place in the context of the Digital Cologne (IHK). With a fancy event website from Lukinski. In addition to the SEO-Day 2015, the DigicomCamp and other smaller projects, we are already in charge of the fourth, large online marketing event! We would therefore like to thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us. Top-class speakers (including Google, Youtube) and lectures await the participants(tickets, strictly limited).

Video Marketing Conference

The Video Marketing Conference will take place as part of this year’s Digital Cologne 2015 (more on this, below). The OM event is organized by netspirits (online marketing agency). Google (Jan Wiecers, Head of product) and Youtube (Michael Complojer, Head of brand) are among the participants.

“You will learn directly from the creative makers how you can use successful video marketing for your business. Learn more about the potential and the increasing importance of online video marketing. The WebvideoCon 2015 is characterized by concentrated practical knowledge, tips and legal aspects around the online communication with moving images. Speak directly with experts from the industry and ask your questions.”

The choice of speakers is excellent and shines through the names alone. The event is presented by the well-known online marketing company netspirits with the support of Digital Cologne. Lectures will be held among others:


Location: IHK Cologne


Digital Cologne

The Digital Cologne shows the opportunities of digitalization in the online market. For different areas, agencies, companies and for the training and professional world. The initiative of the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce shows opportunity in the Cologne region. The aim of Digital Cologne 2015 is to join forces and move purposefully towards the digital future.

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