Tendency and trends for the election in Baden-Württemberg

Let’s take a first look at the upcoming elections 2017! The federal election in Baden-Württemberg, constituency 908) with 7,689,895 eligible voters is coming up. From opinion polls to the latest projections and figures in Baden-Württemberg. We have the projections and trends from Stuttgart to Schwerin. Projections, trends, numbers and forecasts for your constituency No. 908. Whether right, left or parties from the political center such as CDU / CSU, SPD, FDP, Greens and The Left. Both as well as new parties such as Free Voters, AfD and Die Partei. When the election of the Bundestag will take place, that decides the current federal government in Berlin in consultation with the states and the Federal President, he or she decides.

CDU (Christian Democratic Union) Group

The CDU / CSU is after so long an established people’s party, for more than fifty years it has been active in the individual states and in the federal government.As a people’s party, the program of the CDU / CSU is aimed at all groups and strata. Here is the current projection for Baden-Württemberg. will win the party for themselves in Baden-Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg) and at the same time 45.8% of the secondary votes. Read more about the CDU / CS U and more about the election program of the CDU / CSU.

Forecasts for the SPD

The Social Democratic Party of Germany, or SPD for short, is represented politically throughout Germany. The party almost the same number of members as the CDU. will win the party for themselves in Baden-Württemberg (Baden-Württemberg) and 20.6% of the secondary votes. Families are to be promoted more purposefully in their surrounding field and in their individual drafts. Read more about the SPD here.

Policy and election programme of Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen are primarily concerned with environmentally friendly policies. The Greens stand for an ecological and just country. From electric cars to integration, from green economy to data protection. Here is the current projection for Baden-Württemberg. Currently, Die Grünen has 614,298 voters, which is 10.9% of the voters here in Baden-Württemberg who will cast their first vote for Die Grünen. Read more about Die Grünen here.

Election programme and principles The Left

The Left Party was formed in 2007 by merging the SPD spin-off WASG and the Left Party.PDS; its first manifesto was not adopted until several years later. 236,251 people will vote for Die Linke. Read more about Die Linke and the current election programme of Die Linke here.

AFD (Alternative for Germany), the federal party with election program

Only as a reaction to the euro bailout the party AfD, or Alternative for Germany, was founded on 06.02.2013. New election forecasts are constantly appearing in news magazines. What about the success for the AfD? We have calculated, for the AfD vote 133,727 voters, converted, that is 2.4% of the people in Baden-Württemberg and 5.3% of the second votes. Detailed information about the AfD and the current election program of the AfD or read more about the AfD on Wikipedia.

The Group of the Free Democrats (FDP)

, its substantive focus of the FDP and its representatives has always been liberalism. Which it has traditionally represented and will represent in Germany. Here are the current election forecasts for Baden-Württemberg. Currently, the FDP in Baden-Württemberg currently reaches 2.9%. At the same time 6.2% of the second votes with 348.317 votes. Here you can find more about the FDP.

CDU / CSU, SPD, AfD, FDP, The Greens and The Left: This is what people are interested in this federal election

  1. Cultural policy
  2. Environmental policy
  3. Foreign Policy
  4. Defence policy
  5. Migration policy
  6. German reparation policy
  7. Sports policy
  8. Education policy

Baden-Württemberg: Survey

The projection for the electoral district of Baden-Württemberg. See here the projection for Baden-Württemberg’s most important city Stuttgart.

Parties Voter Percent
SPD 1.332.623 23.7%
Second vote SPD 1.160.424 20.6%
CDU/CSU 2.873.905 51.1%
Second vote CDU/CSU 2.576.606 45.8%
The Greens 614.298 10.9%
Second vote The Greens 623.294 11.1%
The Left 236.251 4.2%
Second vote The Left 272.456 4.8%
FDP 164.210 2.9%
Second vote FDP 348.317 6.2%
AfD 133.727 2.4%
Second vote AfD 295.988 5.3%
independent voters 36.305 0.6%
Second vote Free Voters 33.479 0.6%
The party 1.677 0.0%
Second vote The Party 0 0.0%

Basis/Source: The Federal Election Commissioner / Wiesbaden 2016 / Result of the election to the 18th German Bundestag on 22 September 2013 converted to the 299 constituencies in the delimitation determined for the 2017 Bundestag election.

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