Subdivided multi-family house in Berlin, 980+ m² for 6.4 million Euro – Off Market Property

Apartment building in Berlin – Real estate in Berlin is profitable, luxurious and of course always worth an investment. After all, the German capital is always very popular as a historical stronghold and sought-after location for international companies. One of our exclusive off-market properties is located somewhat away from the hustle and bustle of the city. With a purchase price of 6.4 million euros, you can look forward to a plot of 980 m², as well as several residential units in one of the quieter residential areas of the city.

Property in Berlin

With a total of 980 m² floor space, 2,300 m² living space at a purchase price of 6,400,000 euros, plus broker commission of 7% excl. VAT, this is a multi-family house in a classic old building.

Object data

The general data of the object:

  • Type: Apartment house, investment property
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Property approx. 980 m²
  • Total area approx. 2,300 m²

Purchase price and commission:

  • Purchase price in EUR: 6.400.000
  • Purchase price in USD: 7,607,360
  • Purchase price in GBP: 5,462,624
  • Purchase price in CHF: 6,871,233
  • Plus brokerage commission 7% excl.

Since discretion and exclusivity are always a priority for our clients, this is an off-market property. Photos of comparable properties provide a first impression.


Location of the apartment building: Micro

The apartment building is located in Berlin.

Situation in Germany: Macro

For foreign investors, here’s another look at the macro perspective. The situation in Germany:

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