SEO-Day 2014 – Relaunch & Speaker for Search Engine Conference No. 1

SEO Relaunch: For the fifth time in a row, the SEO-Day will take place in Cologne on 30 October 2014. The SEO-Day is a conference on the topic of search engine optimization. As every year, it takes place in the Rhein Energie Stadium in Cologne. Organized by the SEO expert Fabian Rossbacher. Not only do the best search engine optimizers in Germany and Europe meet here – our favorite Cologne club plays here – the 1st FC Cologne!

Fabian Rossbacher on SEO Day


SEO Relaunch for the SEO-Day ’14

An SEO-friendly relaunch according to modern standards? For the Cologne SEO Day (or Search Engine Optimization Congress) 2014, it was important to approach the relaunch of the website particularly thoroughly. This was the only way I could guarantee that all links would remain intact after the editing. Generally, in media agencies: efforts made in the run-up to a project save valuable time in the actual development process. This is explained by various successive loops, the more advanced we are in the project, the more loops have to be corrected back in case of errors – which are of course saved by accurate planning.

Informative, modern design

We also had to adhere to certain standards in the design. An event has to be clean, factual, the usability clearly comes before the design, so that visitors of the event website can find their way around at any time. Here we placed various information. A detailed speaker list of the speakers, of course with individual pages for each lecture. We had a lot of information about the times, the supporting programme and the lecture rooms. A lot of information, packed in a factual way.

Web & Mobile View

For the SEO-Day relaunch project we did not only focus on an optimal web view, of course we also had to offer all visitors of the search engine optimization congress the possibility to access the information on mobile devices on the day of the event. So we optimized the website of the SEO-Day for all mobile devices (no matter if iPhone, Windows 8 or Android). This made it possible for visitors to access all information quickly and easily even after the relaunch.

On the day of the event, it was quickly clear we had done a good job and everyone found the right information quickly and easily. Between the different presentations, in three different rooms, there was no confusion and everyone was able to take away as much as possible. SEO Day was a truly terrific event, for media, online and advertising agencies. We are looking forward to next year’s event! In 2015 we will be back in the Rhein Energie Stadio, the home of the first FC Cologne, the football legend for SEO-Day 2015.

If you are also planning your next website or online store relaunch with reliable SEO onpage work, call me anytime and we will be the best ways and solutions for your project.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Conference

The SEO-Day facilitates the meaningful link between search engine optimization and online marketing. Also this year, more than 30 renowned speakers will meet in Cologne. The topic blocks are designed so that both beginners and experts get their money’s worth. The different lectures are spread over three rooms in the Cologne Rhein Energie Stadium. In addition to interesting SEO lectures in the seminar blocks, the physical well-being is of course also provided for. From a rich lunch (networking) to the evening program for all Cologne and our guests.

In the individual seminar blocks, various topics will be discussed, including the topic of link building on the Internet, content marketing strategies, search engine optimization for large companies and pagespeed factors and their optimization. The event is a full day and starts early, at 9 am with the kick-off. The first block starts just a little later. Various papers will then fill the day until 6pm in the evening. The SEO-Day will be held in the evening at einundfünfzig, directly on the Cologne Hohenzollernring city.

The SEO-Day 2014 not only gives companies an in-depth insight into the topic of search engine optimization, also for freelancers the SEO-Day is a high-quality address for first-class information on the topic of search engine optimization on the Internet. The main focus of the evening will of course be on the search engine giant Google jean. Nevertheless, other networks will also be addressed, such as Beidu or Youtube.

Therefore, secure your ticket early, already 410 day tickets are sold (as of 26.09.2014). More information about the SEO-Day 2014 in Cologne’s Rhein Energie Stadium by Fabian Rossbacher can be found on the website

SEO Day 2014 – the speakers

Here you can find an overview of the already confirmed SEO-Day speakers.

  • Sepita Ansari
  • Felix Beilharz
  • Sören Bendig
  • John Beus
  • Jens Brechmann
  • Niels Dahnke
  • Mór Deák
  • Frank Doerr
  • Joachim Graf
  • Jens Fauldrath
  • Daniel Furch
  • Oliver Hauser
  • Franz Hernschier
  • Markus Hövener
  • Astrid Jacobi
  • Marco Janck
  • Johanna Langer
  • Franziska Neubert
  • Murat Özdemir
  • Niklas Plutte
  • Mario Porst
  • Anke Probst
  • Christian Solmecke
  • Arne Stoschek
  • Christian Tembrink
  • Gero Wenderholm
  • Dominik Wojcik
  • Siwen Zhang