Sat1 News: The farmer’s bag

We started with the Bauerntüte in 2013. At that time, it was the goal of the young Manuel Pereira to bring regional food back to the city, from selected farms and producers of the region. No sooner said than done. After a few months we had created the online shop including distribution system with our client, in close collaboration. The great thing about the project “Bauerntüte”, until today many people and friends are involved, among other things for hosting and further development, a large team. This is not the only reason why the private broadcaster Sat1 became aware of the online grocer. By the way, delicious food in Cologne is also available from the startup: Meal Mates.

Die Bauerntüte, our “favourite online shop project” on Sat1 (TV)

With different, firm guaranteeing distribution channels, the Bauerntüte now no longer only delivers regionally in the Cologne area, such as Düsseldorf and Bonn. Delivery is now also possible throughout Germany! From Berlin to Munich to Hamburg. Through the various intelligent distribution systems, we have managed to bring online within a year a completely new system for the food online trade, from delicacies from the region to milk, fruit and vegetables.

What makes the farm bag so special?

The special thing about the Bauerntüte is the less commercial background in the business model of the young entrepreneur Manuel Pereira. For him it is mainly about the regionality of the cuisine, the trust in the individual producers and the trust in the retailer itself. That’s why he only works with 6 selected partner farms so far. Nevertheless, there is always something new to report. Now it goes to improve and increase the assortment. In addition to the special regional delicacies, there will soon be sweets and various fancy treats (from the region) in the shop. We are very much looking forward to the future and hope for a continued close cooperation with the food online shop for regional products: Farmer’s Bag.

Bauerntüte TV-Bericht (Sat1): Im Stall

Food delivery service – order food online with a few clicks

Not only the Bauerntüte is an exciting start-up in the food industry. Mealmates also provides people in Cologne with fresh food – for lunch and dinner. More about the start-up here: Delivery service – order food in Cologne