First real estate portal with virtual realtor (digital human): Marketing & technology

Real estate portal with virtual realtor – In Israel the first real estate portal uses a virtual avatar (digital human) for the presentation of houses and apartments. A new tool for realtors and portals in the marketing of real estate and especially in addressing young, very digital target groups. Innovations in marketing, a look at […]

16 million city villa in Berlin Grunewald (3 floors apartment house) – Off Market Immobilien

Urban villa in Berlin Grunewald – Over 360 m² of living space with the most modern features of architecture. The apartment house was built in 2016 by a very renowned, international architectural firm. The house is now for sale and is located in the Berlin district of Grunewald, built by GRAFT. 22.3 km² area and […]

Realtor commission for private purchase: New law (Germany) – seller pays 50%+ of the fee

Many things are extremely regulated in Germany, it was different until now with the realtor commission. Who has to bear the cost of the realtor, was in most cases clear, the buyer of a property. In the new year changes a lot, because for the first time, the distribution of the realtor commission between buyer […]

Luxury Real Estate Las Vegas: Summerlin, Henderson, Spring Valley – Buy and invest up to $25 million

Las Vegas – Nevada, one of the world’s top entertainment cities. Not without reason Las Vegas is known for being an entertainment mecca with its 42.5 million visitors per year. Las Vegas lives for the nightlife – the Las Vegas Strip, Freemont Street, the countless casinos, bars and clubs. But also architecturally, the metropolis leaves […]

Right of withdrawal brokerage contract- rights and obligations

Right of withdrawal contract – A brokerage contract is only valid if it has a legally binding right of withdrawal. This must be received and accepted by the client in writing, by email or by fax. In order to be fully valid, the broker must also agree and accept the contract. The acceptance of the […]

Brokerage contract – The decisive facts

Real estate agent contract – Your decision to have your house professionally brokered is an important step towards a timely sale. After you have decided to take over the services of real estate agents, the contract is concluded. You can choose between a simple, a sole and a qualified sole brokerage contract. If you want […]

50 million villa on private island with almost 30,000 m² plot – Off Market Immobilien

Villa on private island – In the year the absolute wow effect does not come often in Berlin: Today it was again so far. Therefore, I wanted to tell you directly about this, really unique opportunity. The purchase price is 50 million euros, for this you get exclusivity, absolute exclusivity in Berlin. The property with […]

Compare sample contracts: Brokerage contract

Compare contracts – Experienced real estate agents know which components a legally valid and transparent contract must contain. However, every client has individual ideas about the service, as well as the individual contract contents and the service provision in general. To ensure that your contract is valid and legally binding without disregarding the specific wishes […]

Tipster commission (10%) for real estate sellers: Condo, house, apartment building or property

Apartment, House, Multi-family house or Property – Lukinski stands for quality – We want to give our customers exclusive access to luxurious, mostly Off Market (non-public), real estate. In Germany, Europe, America and Asia. Do you know a person from your inner circle who wants to sell a high-quality property? Give us your tip and […]

Certificate of competence – You should check this

Certificate of competence – Many clients ask whether there is a certificate of competence for real estate agents. This is not provided by the legislator, so that you do not have to look for a certificate of competence when hiring an estate agent. It is different with the obligation to the advanced training and further […]

Buy an Apartment: Costs, Real Estate Agents and Renting – Ownership Instead of Rent

Buying an Apartment – The decision to buy an apartment is made by most buyers for two reasons. The first reason may be that the buyer wants to use the apartment to live in it themselves. Other buyers are looking for an investment that will yield a good return in the medium- or long-term. Decisions […]

Buy a House: Financial planning, broker, commission, loans and service charges

The dream of owning your own home, living independently within your own four walls, being able to design everything yourself and furnish it according to your individual wishes. But with these desire conceptions it is not done still for a long time, because to a house buying belongs much more. To the goal of being […]