Partial sale of land: procedure, taxes, costs for partial purchase

Partial sale of land – Can I sell part of my land? Yes! Many people think that it is possible to sell only a part of a house or a condominium. The technical term for this is: partial sale, or partial purchase. But in fact it is also possible to offer land for partial purchase. […]

Sell agricultural land: Arable land, soil and other, agricultural land

Selling Agricultural Land – You are planning to sell an agricultural land, arable land, meadows and pastures of a farm business. Common reasons for the sale are old age, the abandonment of the farm or financial pressure, as through current financing, here or in another business. Sometimes company constructs would have to be slimmed down, […]

Selling forest land: Forest, meadow, valuation, taxes & Co.

Sell forest land – forests have a great advantage, they provide a renewable resource. At the same time, they do not offer short-term profits for the operator, but long-term returns. Many owners of forest land therefore do not think like “typical” landowners of real estate and property, often plan for generations. Did you know, even […]

Selling water source: Procedure, valuation, anonymous sale of land & spring.

Selling water well – appraisals, brokers, negotiations, sale process and taxes, there are also many questions when selling water wells. Is now the right time for your sale? And if so, what is the most effective way to sell? Water is a scarce resource. Even though over 71% of our planets surface is water, there […]

Sell land Berlin: building land, arable land, forest & meadow – how it works

Selling Property Berlin – You want to sell your property or are currently thinking about selling it? In this guide, you will learn about the process, from the preparation phase to the marketing phase to the purchase transaction, all around the purchase contract, purchase price and taxes (more on this: Taxes in Germany). Very few […]

Buy property: Building area, building plot and building application

Buying land – Many people who are interested in buying land intend to build a house on that land. However, this is only possible if the land is designated as building land or if it is so-called building maintenance land. This designation applies to land that will be designated as building land by the city […]

Sell property: Procedure, building law, realtor, notary, costs & taxes

The sale of a plot of land is a decision you have thought about for a long time. There can be various reasons for the sale. But when it comes to the success of the sale, all owners agree. The property should be sold at the best price and without a long waiting period. If […]

Property Valuation: Determine market value, valuation and purchase price

How do you value land? How to calculate the market value of land? Who may value land? Who provides information about the standard land value? Value factors, location, equipment, market value, realistic price: This is how you can value your property. Valuate your land: Coming soon! Sell property Everything to procedure, building law, real estate […]

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Outdoor facilities: What you need to consider for the front garden, terrace and garden

Outdoor facilities – Many buyers who want to purchase a house with a plot of land attach importance to a beautiful design of the outdoor facilities. If you offer a property for sale with attractive outdoor facilities, you will quickly find interested buyers, according to experience. If you decide to leave the house sale to […]

Sylt – Island only for the rich? Documentation: Property, tourism and numbers

Sylt – Island only for the rich? The new SWR documentary is about the most popular German island: Sylt! Did you know? Sylt (99.2 km²) is the largest German North Sea island, ahead of Föhr, Nordstrand and Pellworm. Prices per square metre are rising. Not only the local inhabitants are becoming increasingly elitist, but also […]

The most expensive property in the world: 1 billion dollars – Immo News

1 billion for a plot of land? The story of the week is the crazy story of the “most valuable property in the world” in Stern. Surely, when you hear of the most valuable property in the world, you think directly of villas in Saint Tropez or large estates in Monaco and only a little […]

Federal Real Estate Agency – Facts & Tasks

The Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (abbreviated to BImA) is an institution under public law and is supervised by the Federal Ministry of Finance. It is now the most important real estate service provider of the Federal Government. The Federal Agency is one of the largest real estate owners in Germany. Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben – Foundation & […]