Rent house / apartment house for sale: Location, condition, valuation, broker, taxes + All steps in selling

Rent house / apartment building sale – You want to sell your rented house and have questions about the process, real estate agents, valuation and appraisal of your apartment building? Here you will find all the important answers to the first questions and the complete checklist for the sale, in 18 easy steps. First get […]

Selling an old house / apartment building: Renovation backlog, vacancy, dilapidated – what to do?

Selling an old house / selling an old apartment building – You are the owner of an old house or an old apartment building that is soon to be sold and you ask yourself the question: How do I organize the sale of an old house or apartment building best and, above all, most effectively? […]

Sanierung Meaning Explained – Renovation in German Real Estate Market

Germany – What is the meaning of a Sanierung? What’s the difference between a Sanierung and Renovierung? Here, we explain all the details you need to know about renovating real estate in Germany. Renovation of a house means the repair and modernization of the building. Insulation, new heating systems and windows bring the building up […]

Build or buy an apartment house? Construction Costs, Interest & Financing

Building multi-family houses – The effective interest rate for mortgage loans (construction interest) fell by -6.4% from 1994 to 2018 (last survey) to just 1.4%. You’re convinced you want to buy? Then you can find our guide here: Buy an apartment building. Build an Apartment House: Building Interest and Construction Financing Construction interest rates have […]

Real Estate Loans: Bank, Loan, Equity, Interest, Comparison + Tips

Real Estate Loan – If you want to buy a house or apartment and finance it, a real estate loan is a suitable decision. In principle, a construction financing and a real estate credit do not differ fundamentally. But if you buy an existing property, you usually apply for a real estate and not a […]

Buy Multi-Family Residential: Property Evaluation, Procedure, Costs, Taxes & Tenants

Buy an apartment building- Your idea has manifested itself and your dream of a house becomes reality. You have already looked at some properties, compared prices and set your budget for buying a house. Before you go into closer negotiations with sellers or reserve a property, you should plan the house financing and determine your […]

Appraising Multi-Family Housing: market value, valuation and purchase price of your property

Rate apartment buildings – If you want to sell your apartment building, one thing is important: A sound, market-oriented, realistic purchase price. The central questions of owners: What is my property worth? How do you calculate the value of an apartment building? How does the tax office determine the value of a house? Who determines […]

Valuing a house: Estimate purchase Price or have it Estimated? Valuation

If house or dwelling were bought not too long ago, building costs or the purchase price offer first approximate values with the house evaluation. On the Lukinski real estate portal you can get more information about the current value of your property by comparing it with properties in similar locations, of the same size and […]

Off market real estate: buy / sell apartment, house, apartment building discreetly and anonymously

Infrared heating: old building, new building and all the advantages and disadvantages

Infrared heating – Even though conventional heating systems have proven themselves, infrared heating is definitely an alternative that should be considered. Heating with electricity is generally considered expensive, but there are other relevant factors that make heating with electricity economical. You can find out which points are important and when heating with electricity is worthwhile […]

Renovation of old buildings: costs, conditions, tips & laws + monument protection

Renovating old buildings – Old buildings are very popular because of their unique structure. Large rooms with high windows and old wooden doors, which may creak a little when opening and closing, represent a traditional way of life. Many of the buildings are more than one hundred years old. A renovation can give the apartments […]