Mortgage Tax – Everything to know Explained, Tips, How-to, More

USA – There are a few important taxes to be aware of before purchasing a home. Also called mortgage registry tax, mortgage recording tax, or documentary stamp tax,  this tax is one of these sneaky fees. A realtor is often charged with taking these taxes into consideration, yet it is vital that every homebuyer is […]

Your Inheritance: Distributing Real Estate and Property

Your Inheritance – A death in the family is often the trigger for a bitter dispute over the estate. A will can remedy this problem by providing clarity about the estate during one’s lifetime. You can find out what needs to be considered and how real estate can be included in a will below. Please […]

Heating: Solar, Oil, Gas, Heat Pump, Pellets – Comparison, Costs & State Subsidies

Heating & Types – The topic heating is not only interesting for building owners, but also for real estate owners. Heaters are not only necessary in a real estate, but also legally required. Which types of heating are there, how do they have to be maintained and are there legal subsidies for the construction of […]

Erbgemeinschaft Explained: German Inheritance Law, Heir + More

Erbgemeinschaft – Real estate can lead to numerous disputes within an Erbgemeinschaft, henceforth called “community of heirs”. Especially if there are different ideas about how to handle the property. A community of heirs is usually the children of the testator. This comes about when the deceased does not leave a will, as in this case […]

Berliner Testament: German Inheritance Law Explained, Amount for Children, Partner + More

Joint Will – In Germany, the Berlin Testament decides on the legal portion of heir. It is an important issue for disinherited relatives, as they still have certain rights to the inheritance. In order to claim this correctly and to fulfill the formalities, however, some things have to be considered. The share always depends on […]

11 Tips – What to Consider for a House Viewing

Viewing appointment – You have been looking for a new property for a long time. Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne or Munich, a house for the family because the apartment is simply too small for everyone, a new apartment because you want to move in with your partner or simply a move to a new city. When […]

Architect Cologne: What does a house cost? Top 16 Recommendations

Architects perform a wide variety of tasks. From planning to design and final design, you manage construction projects or redesign rooms as an interior designer. ✓ Top recommendation for Cologne ✓ The most important questions and answers ✓ Free of charge What kind of training does one need as an architect? What are the costs […]

Joint Venture (Real Estate) – What to Know, Ownership, Laws + More

Joint ventures and real estate sales? In the case of a joint venture, several persons are jointly entitled to rights. That means, they all have co-ownership after jointly investing in real estate. Typical examples of joint ventures are the classic single-family home or the shared condominium. This means that each person has a notional share […]

Architect Hamburg: The best 15 recommendations from single family house to conversion

Architects are both designers and creators, but also have extensive knowledge of the entire building material. Architects therefore accompany building projects from the beginning and are also the most important contact person during the entire construction phase. ✓ Top recommendation for Hamburg ✓ The most important questions and answers ✓ Free of charge How much […]

Architect Frankfurt: Costs for house & Co – Top 16 recommendations

Architects create, draft and design, and also have extensive knowledge of building structures and the processes of a building. However, there are many more facts to know about architects. ✓ Top recommendation for Cologne ✓ The most important questions and answers ✓ Free of charge What exactly are the tasks of architects? What prerequisites and […]

Architect Berlin: Costs for house & Co – 13 recommendations

You want to realize your dream of owning your own home in Berlin and treat your family to a house built entirely according to your wishes? Building a new house and then renting or selling it profitably in Berlin sounds interesting to you? Then you will find out in this article how to proceed and […]

Investing in Development Areas: Buying, selling, capital investment?! Costs, Procedure and Help

Buying, selling in new development areas – apartments in old buildings are hardly available, so that the focus of buyers is increasingly directed towards new development areas. If you want to sell an apartment or an entire unit in a new building or offer a terraced house, you should proceed with the greatest competence and […]