Social Media Marketing - Inspiration für Modelabel von Stephan M. Czaja (Lukinski)

OUT NOW! Social Media Marketing for Fashion Label

This morning I came into the office, opened my notebook and started as usual various programs like Photoshop and InDesign – work? But suddenly everything changed! It was there, my book, social media marketing, fashion label inspiration! I was so happy, I had to use the first second and directly record a video for all people, from Youtube to Facebook.

My book! Social Media Marketing for Social Media Managers


You can also learn a lot about social networks like Youtube and Facebook in my new book Social Media Marketing. It’s all about building reach quickly and easily. From simple fan page design, to fancy social media strategy. Online trade will continue to grow in the next few years, we will reach a trade volume of over one trillion euros in 2020. If you position yourself as a fashion retailer or fashion label early on, you can quickly reach your target groups with intelligent and smart solutions.

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