Berlin rental houses: 50+ properties for investors (2.1%-3.8% yield) – Off Market

Berlin – This rental house portfolio has excited even me. That’s why I have to tell you about it briefly. All units can also be sold individually (asset deal). Spread over Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Schöneberg, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain to Wedding, with yields of up to 3.8% (fully leased). Investment properties throughout Berlin As a real […]

Buy land in Bel Air: Exclusive, undeveloped, 1,500 m² / 16,100 sqft, south-facing slope – Off Market

Lot in Bel Air – Don’t want to buy an existing property, but want to realize your own ideas in Bel Air? This off market lot is one of the few opportunities to buy an undeveloped lot in the middle of Bel Air. At over 1,500 m² / 16,100 sqft, this is one of the […]

Monaco residential building for 68 million euros: City centre, 10 floors on 1,380 m² – Off Market

This new off market property will be an absolute highlight in the portfolio for this season! Right in the center of Monaco, on 10 floors, with 1,380 square meters of living space – pure luxury in the Principality. The purchase price is for 68,000,000 million euros, or 79,788,000 US dollars. Modern, elegant at the same […]

Subdivided multi-family house in Berlin, 980+ m² for 6.4 million Euro – Off Market Property

Apartment building in Berlin – Real estate in Berlin is profitable, luxurious and of course always worth an investment. After all, the German capital is always very popular as a historical stronghold and sought-after location for international companies. One of our exclusive off-market properties is located somewhat away from the hustle and bustle of the […]

Multi-family house in Hamburg, 380+ m² for 7.1 million euros – off market property

Apartment house in Hamburg – harbor feeling and metropolitan flair combined, welcome to the Hanseatic city of Hamburg! With a total area of 990 m² is located here one of our exclusive off market properties. With a purchase price of 7.1 million euros, the apartment building is not only in very good condition, but is […]

Fully leased apartment building in NRW, 1,700+ sqm for 3.4 million euros – Off Market Property

Fully rented multi-family house in North Rhine-Westphalia – Not only in the metropolises of Cologne and Düsseldorf can first-class yield properties be found in NRW. One of our exclusive off market apartment buildings is also located near Dortmund. And it is even fully rented! Thus, the property with its size of 1,700 m² costs just […]

16 million city villa in Berlin Grunewald (3 floors apartment house) – Off Market Properties

Urban villa in Berlin Grunewald – Over 360 m² of living space with the most modern features of architecture. The apartment house was built in 2016 by a very renowned, international architectural firm. The house is now for sale and is located in the Berlin district of Grunewald, built by GRAFT. 22.3 km² area and […]

50 million villa on private island with almost 30,000 m² plot – Off Market Properties

Villa on private island – In the year the absolute wow effect does not come often in Berlin: Today it was again so far. Therefore, I wanted to tell you directly about this, really unique opportunity. The purchase price is 50 million euros, for this you get exclusivity, absolute exclusivity in Berlin. The property with […]