New Social Network:

Not quite seven months ago we (Lukinski and Martin) met two wonderful people – Svenja and Andy. Svenja and Andy had one of those crazy ideas: Let’s make a New Social Network!

New? Yes. Brand new. Completely new!

Every single HTML line, self-written. Every PHP function, self-written. Every icon, self-designed. Svenja and Andy asked us: Are you in? We were like: WHY NOT!

Now more, after many months of development: Yes, we did it. After more than five months of development we are in the alpha phase of! The new social network for globetrotters, backpackers and stepsetters. We will provide a new feeling instead of a classic ‘travel community’!

Stepsetter becomes Unique!

Basically, our new social network works like any other. Users can register, make connections (friendships) and exchange m:n media with each other. This time-honored principle presents little barrier to entry for new users. And now, it gets special! Among others, you will find the following options on

Feature Heated Map – See where you and your friends have traveled
The map changes its color intensity depending on the relative frequency of visits

FeatureNo Street Map – You will not find exact locations, only regions.
You have to (may) discover yourself! Become a Stepsetter and find hidden places

FeatureWishbox – Your very own world map
With the Wishbox you can find out which places in the world you love.

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Pre Registration

Since today it is so far. You can register at