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As a model, it’s worth investing in a good sedcard photographer to improve your model portfolio. We have a collection of photographer recommendations for you! Model sedcards are highly sought after if they contain good and professional images from photographers. Customers pay special attention to the quality of the pictures, the variety and the change. As a model photographer, you pay particular attention to the quality of the photos. There are many factors that play a role in this. The preparation of the photographer is important. No matter whether photo studio, make-up artist or hair styling, on the set must be provided for everything at the Sedcard Shooting. In the studio you need not only space, but also good equipment and space for styling and outfits. Professional photographers pay attention in advance to a well-prepared shooting appointment. In the sedcard shooting, especially the light setting and the instruction of the photographer ensures perfect results. In the post-processing it then depends in particular on a first-class eye. First comes the image selection of the sedcard photographer for the model. After that, the final details are fine-tuned in the photo retouch using professional software, usually Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Since there are so many factors to consider, it is important to choose a reputable photographer with a renowned portfolio. Want to learn photography yourself? You can find more tips, interviews and tutorials for photographers on the blog of the PA1 photographer agency.

You have the dream of becoming a model and are still looking for the perfect model portfolio? In the model blog I have many tips for your first model book and the best recommendations on Amazon. Folders with international standard and cheap alternative for beginners > Buy model folder.

Here you can find the best model agencies.


Sedcard Shooting – Recommendations for strong sedcard photos


Oliver Rudolph


Kai Weissenfeld


Alexey Basdarev


Marie Schmidt


Patrick Styrnol


Sebastian Brühl


Katharina Wergen


Fashion & Fashion Photographer for Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Cologne

Those who have not yet had their first model jobs, can also first rush to test shoots. Here photographers, stylists or designers provide shooting sets and look for models on a test basis. If you are clever, you can get great sedcard shoots. Test shoots are referred to as non-paid or paid photo shoots. Both photographer, as well as make-up artist and model work without compensation to use the photos for their own book.
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