Mealmates – Delicious meal order, your delivery service recommendation in Cologne

New business model in Cologne, the Mealmates. At the Cologne start-up you can order food for lunch and dinner. With a few clicks on their website: delivery service. Deliveries are made in a narrow time window with environmentally friendly electric scooters. The delivery area covers all the busy parts of Cologne – Mediapark, Innenstadt, Ehrenfeld and many more. With daily changing dishes, with meat and vegan. Desserts too, of course. For employees in offices, agencies, the perfect service. Also today was such a day. The desk is full of work and there’s another appointment on the calendar. The hunger is growing! So before I could take care of my lunch, I had a little content workshop coming up. An hour and a half later, I was done… and hungry, ready for food! Now for a salad?

  • Menu: Caesar Salad for 8,50 €
  • With marinated chicken breast
  • Dried tomatoes
  • Olives
  • Croutons
  • Extra bread and dip


Online Order – Ceaser Salad from Mealmates Delivery Service

Today I got my first order from Mealmates delivery service, straight to the office. Caesar salad 8,50 € with marinated chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and croutons. Even with the packaging, the delivery service guys put a lot of effort into it. Salad, bread, sauce, all packed separately and environmentally conscious, in paper. The salad, crunchy, varied and most importantly fresh! It was accompanied by a small, delicious dip, two slices of crusty bread. As you can see from the result – very tasty! 100% done and full.


Proof! Ordering food online can be delicious – with Mealmates



The reviews on Google are also consistently positive! You can find all reviews of the Mealmates here.

“A real alternative to the daily search for a delicious lunch.”
“Signing up and ordering took no more than 5 min.”
“There are only two dishes a day, but they pack a punch.”




Order online – delicious food from the Cologne neighbourhood

Order your lunch or dinner to your home or office with just a few clicks on Delivered to your door in a tight time frame with eco-friendly electric scooters. This is what my daily menu looked like:




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