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Welcome to our Masterclass! Since the beginning of the year I regularly publish new videos on my Youtube channel and even more specials in my Online Marketing Masterclass.

Why did I start the Masterclass?

Since 2015, I’ve been focusing only on my own brands. Without investor, everything self-made. Before that I worked as an “advertising agency” for many different companies, in e-commerce, for real estate portals, in food, fashion, social marketing, and much more. With the success, of course, the number of employees is growing. Content marketing is so complex that I started recording the workshops. This way, my employees can access the knowledge at any time. With the Masterclass, I’m now putting a large part of the knowledge base online – for you.

Masterclass explained: Employees, Members & Customers

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Who am I?

My name is Stefan M. Czaja. I have worked my way up from the dishwasher to the top. I went to secondary school, completed a vocational training (businessman), then got my vocational baccalaureate, started studying, dropped out again, founded an advertising agency. Then I wanted to put all my eggs in one basket. Since 2015, I’ve been building my own brands. The knowledge that I have gathered through the hundreds of projects, I now pass on to my employees. In the Masterclass, you can learn exactly the same skills!

What do you achieve with content marketing?

We currently reach about 220,000 visitors a month, that’s almost 2.8 million visitors a year. If you reach over a million people, not through expensive ads, but through organic, good content, you’ll never have to worry about new customers again. They’ll sign up all by themselves! That’s the magic and spirit of content marketing.

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Tip. 80% of my knowledge is given away completely free of charge! If you want to support my work, follow my entrepreneur channel on Youtube and leave a like or two for the videos. Want even more? Join the new one: