Insurance: compulsory insurance, advice, comparison

Insurance – In the insurance industry, a distinction is made between compulsory, necessary and recommended insurance. Health insurance, like long-term care insurance, is one of the policies that every federal citizen is required by law to take out. If you finance a house, further insurances can be added, by which the bank and you are secured.

Insurances: Three pillars of protection: health – profession – home

As a worker or employee, you have statutory health insurance. In this case, you do not have to take care of health and compulsory care coverage on your own, but you can still compare and choose between different health insurers. Depending on the scope of benefits, supplementary insurances are practical and noticeably reduce your share of the costs for treatments not covered by the insurance.

A second important pillar is based on coverage if you become unable to work or after an accident. Especially if you are financing your own home, these insurances can save you from ruin and prevent the loss of your home.

You should also focus on insuring your own four walls. Building insurance and household contents insurance are elementary, for example, if there is damage to or in the house due to weather conditions. There is a whole range of other insurances that are taken out according to need and existing insurance requirements.

Car and motorcycle owners need appropriate liability insurance and borrowers should cover their risk as comprehensively as possible. You don’t have to pay high premiums for a balanced insurance portfolio that suits you if you choose carefully and filter out the best offers in comparisons.

Tip: Find the best provider!

Take out several policies with one provider and receive attractive discounts as a result. We are happy to help you review your existing insurance portfolio and examine the contracts to identify savings potential and recommend, for example, the cancellation of expensive old contracts. The best insurance is cheap in premiums and so powerful that you can rely on cost coverage in the event of an insurance claim and generally avoid risks.

Save with insurance comparisons

Before taking out an insurance policy, you should comprehensively check where you can get the best benefits. The comparison of insurances never primarily refers to the premium, but should imperatively include the scope of benefits. For your adequate security in the event of an insurance claim, the terms and conditions of the contract with regard to the insurer’s coverage of costs are crucial. It is not always easy to identify the right tariff at first glance and to rule out the possibility that you are paying too high a premium for little benefit.

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Since 2009, there is a mandatory health and long-term care insurance in Germany prescribed by law. Exceptions are excluded, so that you must also have health insurance as a self-employed person, freelancer and low-income earner. If you are employed subject to compulsory insurance, you are automatically covered by health insurance through your employer and do not have to take care of your basic health protection on your own. The situation is different if you do not have a job that is subject to compulsory insurance and in this case you have to take care of your health insurance yourself.

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Home contents insurance

Burglary, theft and vandalism or fire damage can damage you from one moment to the next in such a way that you cannot afford the costs for the new acquisition of household goods “just like that”. With a household insurance you prevent for the emergency and exclude that destroyed or stolen furnishings lead to financial ruin. It is not for nothing that household insurance is one of the most important private insurances that you should take out as an owner and tenant alike.

Automobile insurance

Every car owner must take out motor liability insurance. However, the legally required motor vehicle insurance is only a cover if you cause damage to third parties in road traffic. A defect in your own vehicle or a cost coverage, if your car is stolen, are not covered by the liability. In this case, you should opt for fully or partially comprehensive insurance and exclude the possibility of paying high costs yourself, which could lead to financial bottlenecks. Since the premiums and benefits differ between the individual providers of a car insurance, you should compare comprehensively and choose the most favorable conditions for you.

Motorcycle Insurance

Use the new registration of your motorcycle to switch to a low insurance rate and get maximum performance for the smallest premium. If you already have a motorcycle insured and want to save, pay attention to the cut-off date and make the insurance change with notice on 11/30. Some policies include a clause that binds you to your chosen motorcycle insurance policy for an entire season and basically allows you to switch only after the season is over. In order to secure yourself properly and flexibly from the outset, you should choose your motorcycle insurance carefully and on the basis of comparisons.


Have you bought your own home and opted for low-cost financing? Even if risk insurance is not required by the bank based on your credit rating and other collateral, you should provide coverage with your family in mind. To protect your family from financial risks and the loss of the property, you can take out insurance in a number of ways. One of the best known and most suitable risk insurances is the term life insurance.

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