Content Marketing + Video Marketing: GNTM 2017 Best Practice | How NEWS JACKING Works!

I’ve written about YouTube marketing more often – always in the context of companies. Today something really great happened, unplanned! I wanted to write about it briefly. What is it about? In 2017 we wanted to start our own project to push our fashion magazine. FIV already exists in Germany since the end of 2015. Now in April 2017 we are launching in the US. But before that, there is an absolute top event for the media industry, Germanys Next Topmodel. Like every year, tens of thousands of girls apply for the chance to be on Heidi Klum’s casting show. With the show you can, if you make it among the best, bring it to much notoriety. Many of the contestants can make a good living as a (public) figure afterwards – as a model, influencer or presenter, such as Rebecca Mir. But let’s get back to Video Marketing & Youtube!

In short: FIV is one of many projects on our part. In total, barely 15% of our time. Even if we have not reached 1.5 million clicks, the blog post is intended to show young companies, companies, etc. exemplary, how even with small ideas and investments, much is possible when it comes to rankings and reach. The principle could be applied to sports events, new projects of international companies, etc. Welcome to Content Marketing!

How content marketing and video marketing push reach!

Today I wanted to write only briefly about a spontaneous video success of our employees. But then I wanted to go into a little more detail to give other entrepreneurs or companies inspiration for one of my favorites in content marketing: news jacking! Ever heard of it? In this article, we combine 2 marketing strategies into one successful concept:

  1. Content Marketing for Google
    Through high rankings (placements) in the search results, you increase your reach, ergo, have more potential buyers, for example, for physical or digital products.
  2. Video Marketing for Youtube in particular
    Youtube belongs to Google and offers numerous advantages. Not only that countless people search for content here every day. Videos are also displayed in the Google search results. If you make relevant videos, the chance that others will embed your videos in their blogs also increases. This always further increases your own reach.

On the basis of these three objects:

  1. GNTM 2017 Video
  2. GNTM 2017 Blog
  3. FIV Youtube Channel

The article proceeds in reverse, from video to content strategy. We start with the video and its unplanned (current) success and then move on to the overall environment, content marketing and the concept of “news jacking” to grab rankings on Google. Let’s start with the GNTM 2017 video + at the end of the article, I’ll share three tips for content marketing beginners! To promote our fashion magazine and also the coverage around GNTM 2017, our two contributors Iva & Soraya Wanya created their own blog. Especially for GNTM 2017 – extensively researched with all the contestants, news and much more. Many think that social media marketing has to be planned, extremely conceived – is that true?

Authentic videos instead of planned video production

When we look at influencers and bloggers on the relevant social networks, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Snapchat, it’s the ‘unrehearsed’ that is most promising. Influencers get such a wide reach because they love to share and love to take people with them, on trips, to shows or into their own lives. Social media works through authenticity. Only authentic and honest material brings success on social media – apart from campaigns pushed by lots of ad budget. By the way, you can find more about social media marketing, retargeting & co. in the blog of our social media agency.

Important: You can’t produce authentic video. Performers, bloggers, influencers are authentic or not. These two, are! Congratulations. How you can still control some parameters, I’ll show you now.

Viral Video Marketing & News Jacking: Spontaneous, Simple, Effective

Have you heard of “News Jacking”? The sooner they jump on a topic, the better! Let’s say we publish a web page today that deals with the topic “iPhone 11”. Of course, the search queries will be limited today. But when the time comes in three years and the iPhone 11 appears on the market, they will have an incredible competitive advantage. The same principle is applied by magazines, of course, as we do. That’s why, in the run-up to the new season of Germanys Next Topmodel, we researched all the contestants, the jury members, new rules, broadcast dates, and much more. A few days before the start of the new season on ProSieben, Iva and Soraya spontaneously wanted to make a video – completely unplanned. The video was recorded without any preparation, here in the office. After a short cut and export we were able to put it on Youtube three days before the first show. I will briefly describe the process here for all those who are interested.

  • Day 1
    The video was indexed, the channel has 24 followers. After 24 hours about 200 views.
  • Day 2
    The video is slowly approaching 350 views, the channel is gaining 2 followers.
  • Day 3
    The video gets 400 views, then the first episode of GNTM starts on TV.
  • Day 3 – from 20.15
    Slowly the numbers increase, at the end of the show (22.15 o’clock) we rise to nearly 500 Views
  • Day 4 – afternoon
    Suddenly someone in the office shouts, “1k!”. The video has reached 1000 views. The channel already has 52 followers. At the same time, a second video is produced.
  • Day 4 – evening
    The video increases exponentially. After it was still 1k in the afternoon, it is already 2k in the evening. At midnight, the video reaches 3k. The channel increases to over 60 followers.
  • Day 5 – … until 16:45 (now)
    The second video is now at almost 1k. Our GNTM 2017 video reaches new peak values at noon. 4k, 5k, 6k…. Currently it stands at an incredible 7620 views. Our FIV Magazine Channel reaches 78 followers and increases by +/- 300% by only one video.

  • Day 6 – … until 18.30 – UPDATE
    After the 300% increase of yesterday, we have reached today directly +210%. In 24 hours each already huge, looking at 48h… wow #215,500+ minutes of video was watched in just one day, in 24 hours. That means every real hour, over 10 hours of video was watched. With an average dwell time of 148 seconds or 2:28 minutes. With 11k+ views on the Youtube video.

What factors influence this form of video marketing?

  1. Strong people and ideas – Authentic people with a good feel for moving images and language (moderators, bloggers, etc.)
  2. Equipment – professionalism of the equipment/software (this is not about 4k videos, but about good equipment and processing of the media)
  3. Skillful planning – In this example of a TV show (new content), news jacking (early coverage with search engine optimized text) and (spontaneously) the video for additional video marketing on Youtube.


Rankings in search engines (Google) and video marketing (Youtube)

In addition to the video, we have created a large page on the website, with all the news. Visually appealing (because young people, interested in fashion) on mobile, desktop and tablet. We currently rank for 28/30 candidates on page 1 of Google. With the video we also rank well on Youtube. For example, for the keyword “GNTM 2017” already on position 4 of the Youtube search. That’s how effective the mix of these methods can be.

Perhaps the article will inspire you to take action yourself. Take a topic in which you already have know-how and bring three points together:

  1. Early reporting in the form of content (main pages 1200 words + images, headlines, valuable links / for sub-pages 400 words + images, headlines, valuable links / internal linking: sub-pages for to the main page and vice versa).
    TIP! Use Google to find good headlines. What are others searching for? Type a main keyword into the search, like “GNTM.” Google will give you recommendations for good keywords right in the search bar. After searching, you’ll find even more suggestions, each at the bottom of the search results page.
  2. Video marketing through cleverly produced content. Here’s my tip, see for yourself which videos are already available on Youtube in large quantities and which are not. If there are only a few videos for a topic, you can gain a lot of reach here. Thanks content marketing also over la(aaaa)nge time compared to one-time ads.
  3. Permanent updates. Google likes current pages. So for current topics, the interval of changes should be accordingly large. For TV shows on private television, an update should take place 1 – 2 times a day. For long-term placements, the intervals are of course much smaller.

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